Networking the London Boroughs

One of 17-24-30’s aims is to assist networking between the various lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans* communities of London, UK.It is quite an ambitious goal.

London boroughs

London has 32 boroughs and the City of London.

London boroughs with some LGBT representation

Current provision of LGBT resources varies greatly from borough to borough, some boroughs like Camden are highly developed with active LGBT borough forums, an LGBT scene and some LGBT community organisations. Whilst other boroughs have very little, and some boroughs have no provision at all.

We want to collaborate with other organisations and encourage LGBT community development where possible.


We are carrying out some research to see what provision exists borough by borough, we have created this list of borough LGBT forums, groups and organisations and invite you to submit your ideas here  Site Feeback Form.

We hope you will help us develop the site, we would like to develop a team of writers, and eventually hope to organise social media training for those who work with us.

One of the reasons we have set up the LGBTblogLondon Facebook page, Twitter profile and WordPress blog is so that we can share this information through social media.

  • Scene Listing – list and map of venues across London.
  • Community Listing – list and map of organisations across London.
  • Projects – identify our key projects.
  • Campaigns – Identify community campaigns we can support.
  • Issues – Identify the key issues affecting our communities and signpost people to the advice and support that is available.
  • People – making contact with people we want to work with. Email addresses.
  • Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, Website profiles.


London boroughs as a grid

Need to think how we represent the data we gather. What we share, and what needs to be kept private.

Borough Social Media – Borough Social Media List

We want to support every London borough to develop their own social media profiles. Ideally every borough should have a Facebook page, a Twitter account and a website.

The boroughs will manage their own accounts (as they do already).

We can then encourage local LGBT people who live in each borough to join and follow their local borough’s social media. We will create a list of all the local boroughs social media profiles and promote it as widely as possible.

At the same time we want to encourage all LGBT people to join and follow the London wide social media profiles. We are hoping that working together we will all reach a wider LGBT audience.

We will be develping a business card, sponsored by 17-24-30 No To Hate Crime Campaign to promote the LGBTblogLondon blog and the London Hate Crime Awareness Campaign. This event will be distributed as widely as possible.

Closed Facebook Steering Group

We started the process by setting up a closed Facebook Steering Group which we can invite representatives from each of the London Borough LGBT Forums to join. That way everyone can feed idea into the process and communicate with each other.

Ideally we are looking for two to three representatives from each borough to join the closed Facebook steering group, and one representative from each borough with ‘page admin’ status to join the public Facebook page.

The steering group will influence how the public Facebook page is managed, negotiating guidelines on what we post on the page.

London boroughs linked to LGBTBlogLondon

Ownership of the London wide social media profiles will sit with the 17-24-30 No to Hate Crime Campaign who are sponsoring this project. Practically a person need to manage the accounts so that they do not get taken over.

London boroughs networked

Public Facebook pageLGBT Blog London

The ‘page admins’ will be able to post to the public Facebook page, enabling the boroughs to share their local borough posts to a wider audience.

We also want to enable scene venues and community groups and organisations to submit details of events, campaign and projects that they want us to promote. To do this we have set up on-line forms on the LGBT Blog London WordPress blog.