London Boroughs Councils and the City of London

Social Media Anlysis 05-03.2016.jpg

A brief look at social media used by London’s Borough Councils and the City of London, according to the links available on their websites on the 05 march 2016


Not surprisingly all have their own websites.


Facebook is used by 28 out of 33 Borough councils. Only five councils do not have Facebook pages; Bexley, Ealing, Havering, Waltham Forest and Westminster.


All have Twitter profiles.


24 out of 33 have YouTube channels.


14 out of 33 have Flickr profiles.


Only 2 out of 33 have Instagram profiles; Camden and Tower Hamlets.


Only 1 council had a link to their Linkedin profile on their website; Camden.

Social Media Logos

Here are the links to the social media used;

London Borough Councils

City of London