Takes place in July in Manchester each year.

Sparkle – the national transgender celebration is the worlds largest transgender event.

Sparkle was founded in 2005, originally as a day to celebrate all things transgender. By the following year the event had moved to its current weekend format and we now provide a full schedule from Friday afternoon right through to Sunday night.

Over the Sparkle Weekend we celebrate with music and events, and have talks and workshops that are all FREE to attend.

Sparkle is a national trans Charity that organises the Sparkle Weekend celebration in July each year, and through-out the year we hold events for fundraising and trans awareness.

Sparkle aim is to promote a positive image of trans during the celebration and in the media, and provide a safe place for people to express themselves as trans. Sparkle is an inclusive Charity and event for the trans community – from transsexual, transvestite, cross-dressing, bi-gender, genderqueer for FTM and MTF, and intersex.

The Sparkle event attracts trans people and trans allies locally and from around the world, and showcases trans and trans ally entertainment during the weekend, and hosts free education and talks on trans related issues.

The celebration takes place in Sackville Gardens, in the Gay Village in Manchester, UK. The choice of this venue provides a safe place for trans people. The event has the support from Manchester Council and local businesses.

More details on the website.