Anti-Bullying Week

Anti-bullying Week

Takes place in the third week of November each year

What’s the history of Anti-Bullying Week?

Anti-Bullying Week was started by the Anti-Bullying Alliance in the early 2000s as a way of focussing the attention of schools on tackling bullying between children and young people.

Why just a week – shouldn’t we tackle bullying all year long?

Yes absolutely – but members have told us that having a week where we shine a spotlight on bullying gives all schools the confidence to talk about these issues, to timetable in time for staff training and focussed events relating to bullying – and to update their practice in relation to bullying.

Who sets the theme of Anti-Bullying Week?

The Anti-Bullying Alliance consults with its members and children and young people to decide the theme each Spring.  The theme is then shared via the ABA website around Easter time.


More information on the Anti-Bullying Alliance website.