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Welcome to the LGBT Blog London,

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The aim of this WordPress blog is to help network the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans* communities of London. Work constructing the blog started on the 1st February, at the beginning of LGBT History Month 2016.

As we develop the blog, we hope to gather a lot of useful information together which we want to share in an open and transparent way; to raise awareness of the huge variety of events and activities taking place across London, to promote and celebrate diversity within our communities, to foster and improve community collaboration and cohesion, and develop better services and facilities where possible.

Facebook Page

We have set up a Facebook Community page LGBT Blog London which we hope will become a central LGBT information hub about everything that is happening across the London region. Our aim is to get as many lesbians, gay men, bisexual and trans* people and our straight allies to like and follow the page.

We are inviting a member from each of the borough LGBT groups and key LGBT  organisations to help us run the Facebook page, and become admins so they can post and share information about what is happening in their areas.

Already a number of boroughs have joined us.

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WordPress Blog

The LGBT Blog London is organised into eleven sections as follows;

1. Home section

This is where we will post regular news items, community features, scene updates, and other posts we hope you’ll find interesting.

2. About section

This is where you will find our contact information, details of our social media profiles and a comment form so you can tell us what you think of our site. There will be a sub-page with details of our key partners.

3. Events section 

This is where we will share information about the variety of activities and events that are taking place, including regular meetings and annual events.

4. London Borough’s section

Here you will find information relating to the 32 London boroughs and the City of London.

5. Issues section

This is where we will list the key issues being faced by our communities.

6. Campaigns section

We will use this section to promote campaigns we support.

7. People section

Here you will find information about some of the movers and shakers within our communities, people who help shape our communities and the scene.

8. Projects section

Here you will find information about some of the projects we are working on.

9. Resources section

Here you will find a variety of resources that you can download and use; leaflets and posters, briefing documents, maps and guides.

10. Community Listings section

This is where we will list all the community based organisations in London.

11. Scene Listings section

Here you’ll find details of the commercial scene; bars, cafes, clubs, restaurants, saunas, shops and other facilities.

Thank you for taking a look at the blog today, at the moment it is a fairly blank canvas but over the course of the year we plan to populate it with a lot of useful information.

We also welcome your thoughts and ideas on how we can improve what we are doing, so please feel welcome to use the reply form in the ‘About‘ section.

Many thanks


About Mark172430

Founder of 17-24-30 No to Hate Crime Campaign. I am passionate about tackling all forms of hate crime and an advocate of the #LoveNotHateCommunity
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